IYE by Ademola Olabinjo (Music)

About Iye: IYE (LIFE) is a song inspired by GOD in 2016 and has been ministered in different platforms. IYE(LIFE) reveals the DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST...JOHN 10:10, ROM6:4-5. Man was dead to the life of God and fell short of God’s glory. Man had no association or fellowship with divinity…Eph2:1-3. The “blood of …

The ‘Miserability’ of Truth

#randomtots That moment you've spent a large part of your life believing and living out an ideology, one you have come to agree with, and one morning, one child suddenly wakes up and begins to question it… You are furious. You feel disrespected. You ask: what does this child know? What has he seen in …

The Way to Love Her

Tonight again, I’m reminded…..

The Naughty Boy's Words.


All they’ve ever told us was to find a woman who fits
A woman who aligns with our purpose, who wouldn’t be a setback
One who will help us fulfil our dreams, who fits our temperaments
One who is not necessarily called to the Apostolic ministry
So that while we are away saving the world
She can keep the home going strong; they call this destiny,

How about we find a lady in whose purpose we fit in
A lady in whose life, our presence guaranties fulfilment
A lady we can help, strengthen, and lead
A lady for whom we don’t mind making sacrifices, losing some opportunities
Just to see her conquer the world-her world
Just to see her name in the annals of the Great

So Adeola-mi,
Your purpose in life is as important as mine
It is for us both, that Christ is ‘risen’
Fulfilling mine is…

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Making A Difference in Love

#LoveWednesday   Relationship is work It is some real work not meant for lazy people The grass of other people's relationship only looks greener from afar And in the case where it is, it's because those on the other side spend time and effort to make it so. This is what we are not adequately …



This is for all lovers of poetry. This is a poetry form arranged and policed by OLAYINKA Olakunle Daniel.
The word Duodacy is derived from two Latin words: duodecim and acies
Duodecim means twelve; acies means array, debate, battle arrangement etc. Acies is also linked with ordo which means order, array, rank, sequence etc

The Duodacy is a poem of twelve lines divided into three quatrains (four lines each). These quatrains are the 3Ss of the Duodacy. They are; Syntax, Soliloquy and Solution.
The first quatrain is called the Syntax. The Syntax gives general information about the poem, it highlights the problem the subject(s) is/are facing. It ends in the rhyming pattern (abab)
The second quatrain is called the Soliloquy/conversation. This highlights two different persons or groups having their different thoughts (soliloquy) concerning the problem at hand. It could also be a conversation between two people (or groups) who are…

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You Are Important

#Personal Notes 7 Every man must be the Hero of his own life's story. The story of his life must center around him. In fact, he must be the most important part of that story. His interest must be the most protected. His safety must be prioritized. And only on his own importance must every …

This Boy is Beautiful

#PersonalNotes 6 This boy is beautiful But no one ever told him So he struggled through the limitations of that ignorance Why did I come this wrong? He often asked So he crawled into a shell There's no place for me here This boy is intelligent But no one ever mentioned So he battled with …

Our Dreams, the Pain, and the Drive

#PersonalNotes 5 The thing with fulfilling our dreams is that we might get hurt. In fact, we will. We might even break a leg; spend several nights cold and hungry; lose some friends and families; bear the name of a rebel. We might crumble under the weight of the work. We might need to take …

Boy, Grow Up

#PersonalNotes 4 When will this boy ever grow? When will he stand up and fight? When will he stop getting beat up by the impossibilities of yesterday? When will he open his heart to the opportunities of tomorrow? When will he finally defeat fear? Fear of failure, Procrastination, Mediocrity, and all such evils Yet, year …

The Day I Fell 

#PersonalNotes Few months ago, I fell from trying to ride a bike without being prepared for it. I had only taken a mental note of how it could possibly work, and I believed I could do it. Or perhaps I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. And I did good. I started the bike and …