#PersonalNotes 6

This boy is beautiful
But no one ever told him
So he struggled through
the limitations of that ignorance
Why did I come this wrong?
He often asked
So he crawled into a shell
There’s no place for me here

This boy is intelligent
But no one ever mentioned
So he battled with
The burden of that misinformation
Doubting himself every step of the way
No I can’t be that wise
No I can’t be correct
So he hides himself from the world
Crawling into that shell of loneliness
Assuming the status of the fool
Yet, with wealth of words deep inside

How wicked?
How terrible?
To have kept such from you
To have judged you unfairly
Only by your weaknesses
Only by the misbehaviours
Of your younger years
What cruelty?

But it doesn’t matter now
The wind has blown
And the fowl’s inner cavity
Has become a rather conspicuous one

Today, I see you
And I’m bold to look you in the eyes
What beauty!
What graciousness!
What awesomeness!

Boy, believe me
You are beautiful



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