Letter to My Future Bae


Dear Adeolar mi,
Have you missed me? I have missed you gan.

You see, my plan is to LOVE You to stupor.
Christ guaranteed that. I’m telling you now, just in case you can’t handle it, so you can start learning to be loved.
You do know our together is going to be forever, right? Don’t be scared, I’m learning it from my father. You know there’s not going to be a ‘but’ in our Agape, right? You do know our “unconditional” will be unconditional, right?
Ok. I just wanted to confirm.

Do you realize I’m in love with you already, before we meet? Or before you get to say ‘yes’? Na so. I’m going to Love you spirit, soul, and BODY. winks
You see, If I tell you say I love you o, my body & my soul na your own o baby. Of course we are joined spirit wise already.

You know my ‘mumu’ button is going to be in your hands, right?
You see girl, if I play with anything, it will be your hair, not your heart.
I’m not a bastard, so expect the kind of Love my father, God, through Christ, loves you with.
The size of your breast na just extra ginger, Love dey here for you brekete already. If you see me dey fall for you, no be your breast size alone o (dat one sef dey), na tongues dey fuel am o.

Of course you know where I stand on the matter of eternal life, it just means we’ll mirror the same. Rejoice, you know I can’t offer you anything less; No divorce babe.
I’m sure you know my salvation is not to prove a point. I may lose arguments, but I’m saved.
We may have arguments, but you know the end is decided already. We may have disagreements, but it’s a forever union.

The message of Christ’s Grace that I stand with puts so much responsibility on me, so please, don’t expect less from me. You know we can’t be shouting Grace on Facebook and be punching our wives at home: ‘Ko le werk’. We can’t be defending redemption as an eternal phenomenon and be acting like a beast at home.

We will pray in tongues, we will worship, and when we are done, we will ‘Minister’ one to another. We will have Impartation services, and when we finish, there will be laying on of hands on other things. I can’t be praying in tongues always, and then, you’ll be complaining you didn’t ascend the ninth heavens.

I do know there are many watermelons and oranges on the road, but don’t worry, Agape can tell the difference.
You need to see how many brothers chat me privately on this #watermelon matter.
Well, some think I’m carnal because I said yours will satisfy me always. But dear, they don’t know it’s a supernatural phenomenon.
You see, my goal is to be a resident vegetarian, but I haven’t been inducted, so I can’t practice yet. But cheer up, I’m in my finals.

You see, my battery is 3% now but I’ll be here till it dies; It’s for better for worse baby. Some people are happy with that sha. Sure we will have enemies, but lo, we have overcome.
Imagine, I was ready to be here till my battery do us part, that’s how NEPA just ‘brought’ light; expect supernatural provisions in this union.
Now, my charger has refused to work; of course, we’ll have challenges, but we will be committed. That’s how the charger started working sha. I told you, our troubles won’t last. Our love will always overcome. My battery is now 7% and rising; I told you if we fall, we will rise again.

Dear Adeolar mi, I hope you get the gist:
Christ in us will make the difference, if we let this mind be in us.
You do know I’m writing all these to remind myself of the kind of man I ought to be, right?
You know our kids will hold me accountable for all these things someday. Exactly why I’m writing this.

Dear Adeolarmi, my Futurebae,
If you’re reading this post, please like it or comment, at least let me see your face o.
And also share these posts on your wall to scare all those half-hearted brethren.


I am theimisioluwa;
My point this night, is that we can really make a difference in Love in our generation. Grace makes that possible.

Love you plenty.


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