#PersonalNotes 5

The thing with fulfilling our dreams is that we might get hurt. In fact, we will. We might even break a leg; spend several nights cold and hungry; lose some friends and families; bear the name of a rebel. We might crumble under the weight of the work. We might need to take on an extra job, cut back on our budget, and even cut down our sleep.
We might for several moments look worse than how we started, and a lot like failures.

These is what our beloved friends and families try to save us from. They see this ahead and don’t want us to get hurt.

So they encourage us to, or perhaps, push us back into oblivion. They discourage our dreams, so we could take on things less demanding. They feed us with fishes, and dress us in apparels. They sit us down in the seat of the mediocre, keeping us in our comfort zone.

Why create problems for yourself? Why carry this burden? Don’t you realize the world could end any moment? Don’t you get it?

But little do they know, that what drives us is stronger than the pain we can ever encounter. A fulfilled dream is a notorious pain killer, it erases every trace of pain we can ever experience.

But can they ever understand? That what we see is worth fighting for?

So…on that day, as we see the realities of the things we once believed, our broken legs and exasperated soul not with standing, the joy becomes overwhelming, and in no time, the pain heals. And in years to come, as our hands glide through the scars, only one thing will come to mind: not the pain, not the difficulties, but that happiness, that joy, that feeling of fulfilment, knowing it was all worth it.



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