#Personal Notes 7

Every man must be the Hero of his own life’s story. The story of his life must center around him. In fact, he must be the most important part of that story. His interest must be the most protected. His safety must be prioritized. And only on his own importance must every other person find their relevance.

Like Movies, no matter the amount of antagonists, the ‘bosses’, the backstabbers, and evil doers, no matter the twists and turns, the number of blows, bullets, and stabs, at the end of the movie, he must be the Hero who made it to the last scene.

At the end of the story of his life, no one else is permitted to be the Hero. No one else’s words, actions, or interest must take weight other than his.

You see my point is, just as I’ve been trying to make in these past seven days of sharing my #PersonalNotes with you, is this: YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Your life is important.
You are worth every inch of the best life.
Never ever doubt that.
You must not end this life a second class citizen in your own life.
You may not be welcomed in other people’s life, but you must be King in yours.

No…you can’t let someone else become the Hero of your life.
You can’t let them run down your life when they have theirs.
No, you just can’t.

You are that important
You are that beautiful
You are that intelligent
You are that needed

Don’t deny this world the beauty, difference, and diversity your life brings by trying to be someone else.

You, see I am not different from you. Our lives may have been marred by stories of inadequacies, failures, rejection, insult, assault, and all unkind and terrible things, but now is the time to start making new memories, and start writing a new past that we can live to remember years to come.

Our story can not just be about what people did or didn’t do, it’s time to start living our own life.

We are that important.
We are that beautiful.

We are worth every inch of happiness we desire.

Thank you for following #PersonalNotes.



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