The Anointing of the Holy One is within me.
I know what to do always. I have an intelligent spirit.
My mind is sharp. I solve problems. I innovate.
I am a sháná somebody.
I am Grand, phenomenal, exquisite…
Yaaaaah. It’s the Lord’s doing.
In the scheme of life, I count. I am full of life.
Jesus is the inner matter that makes me matter.
So I matter.

I’ve got eternal life in me. And I spread the same.
I influence my world.
Righteousness. Peace. Joy in the Holy Ghost.
Glory, I am saved.
My Christianity is not for sale. It’s hid in Christ.
I’ve won this race before, in Christ, and I won.
Death has lost its victory. I have perfect liberty.
And I stand in that liberty.

God loves me. I’m loved of the Father.
So amazing.
My Father and I are one.
He in me. I in him.
Draw that vein diagram and let me see.
I am not an ‘omo àlè’.
I am an ‘omo oko’ original.

God beats his chest over me, saying:
That’s my son.
My DNA is spelt GOD.
Like father, like son.
God oozes out of me.
I have a well inside springing out life.
Agbára olórun n gbá l’ára mi.
I am ‘gbáing’ of divinity.

I operate from a spectrum of existence
too difficult for terrestrial comprehension.
Yet, I abide in a body.
I am the abode of God.
I carry him everywhere.
It is not God against me.
It is God in and with me.
The last time Jesus went to hell,
the devil paid dearly for it.
He sure doesn’t want me there again.

I watch my father, God, and I do what he does.
God talks to me.
I talk to him. We discuss.
He listens to me. I listen to him.
I am not only like God. I am Godlike. Iyalaya.
I am righteous, therefore, I do righteous works.
My body is not in control of me. I am in control of it. I nature it. And I direct its affairs.

I’m not who I used to be.
I’m a new Man in Christ.

I am theimisiOluwa;
Don’t be excited about me. Be excited about who you are in Christ too.
If you have believed on him.

Enjoy your Day


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