Day One: To God for Life

Day Two: To Jesus for Salvation and Grace

Day Three: To Family

Day Four: To Friends

Day Five: To those who labor in the word

Day Six: To Mentors, Role Models, and Coaches

Day Seven: To My Protégés and younger Friends

Day Eight: To Adeola-mi

Day Nine: To the peddlers of the Law

Day Ten: To those who have lost Loved ones

Day Eleven: To the Suicidal, and the Suicided

Day Twelve: To those whose names are written in the Book of Life

Day Thirteen: To the Social and Emergency workers

Day Fourteen: To the Single Moms and Dads

Day Fifteen: To all who have stayed Faithful in Love

Day Sixteen: To all Lecturers

Day Seventeen: To all who embraced Grace

Day Eighteen: To the Blind, the Deaf, and The Dumb

Day Nineteen: To the Destitute

Day Twenty: the Musicians, Musicologists, and Music practitioners

Day Twenty-One: To Corrupt Leaders

Day Twenty-Two: To the Music for Development Team, Crew, and Volunteers

Day Twenty-Three: To the Danfo Driver

Day Twenty-Four: To the Facebook Evangelists

Day Twenty-Five: To my followers and readers.

Day Twenty-Six: To the Nursing Mothers

Day Twenty-Seven: To the Party Servers

Day Twenty-Eight: To the guys who finally popped the question

Day Twenty-Nine: To the Single Guys and Girls

Day Thirty: To all the girls who said ‘YES’

Day Thirty-One: To all NGOs and Socially responsible Individuals

Day Thirty-Two: To every Girl, Lady, and Woman

Day Thirty-Three: To the House Helps

Day Thirty-Four: To the Campus Fellowships

Day Thirty-Five: To those who do Jobs they have no passion for

Day Thirty-Six: To the Virgins in heart, mind, or body

Day Thirty-Seven: To the Make-Up artists

Day Thirty-Eight: To those who do or did MMM

Day Thirty-Nine: To all Nigerian Students

Day Forty: To Everyone who made my Day.


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