Birthdays sure feel great

I had a blast
I enjoyed every bit of it
It was the happiest birthday I’ve experienced
And it’s only because of you
Because you took out time to celebrate me
Your words brought warmth to me
It sent chills down my heart’s spine
And brought sweet tears to my face
Your prayers and prophecies
Was just what I needed to hear
I’ll definitely keeps those words,
To encourage and make me strong
Even as the year goes on

Thank you for your gifts

You’ve encouraged me to keep digging
To keep being a better version of me
To keep writing, singing, and inspiring
And I promise you I’ll do

I feel appreciated
I feel loved
I feel refreshed
I feel strengthened

It’s a new year
And this year brings new inspiration
And ever than before,
I’m dedicated to bringing you God’s word
As he puts them in my mouth
And my mind to write

It’s going to be our best year

Esé gidigidi

I’m grateful to you for helping me make such beautiful memories.

(And this brings me to the end of my #40DaysAppreciation Challenge. I wrote some of them directly to you. Kindly read them here: ).

I am theimisiOluwa


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