Day Thirty Seven- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To the Make up Artist
And Make over Artists
What did we do to you people?
How that thou joindest hands
Together with them that deceiveth
The sons of men?

Yet, I appreciate you
I’m not sure if my generation
Is generally plagued
By some chronic case
Of low self-esteem
Or that our sense of worth
Was never delivered to us
I’m not sure who put all of us in this race
This rat race
Where we are no longer comfortable in our skin
Face is orange, neck is brown, hand is chocolate
And that other place is just black
Maybe, a guy like me can’t understand

Perhaps God has sent you here
For such a time as this
To help balance the equation
Helping every one get that perfection
That flawless photoshop kinda look

Well those it even matter?
Appearance is kuku very fickle before
Irrespective of the skins we carry

What defines us most is the beauty our soul emits

May God continually bless you hands
And fill you with creativity


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