Day Thirty Three- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To the House Helps
Boy or Girl
If you’ve not been there before
If you’ve not experienced it
Then you have no idea
You may not even have noticed
How your humanity may have been numbed
And subdued that it’s all alright
That some people deserved to be less human
Treated like second -class animals
Battered by words and rods
Beaten to stupor
And the more regular slaps and kicks
Every now and then
Of course, who is there to defend her
She hardly has a family
And she deserves it
Who said she shouldn’t be born by Dangote
Who asked her parent not give her the best of life
Who said she should be a victim of circumstance
So she has no choice
She’ll take whatever comes
She should even be grateful

And I won’t even say my mind on this topic

But dear,
I see you
Forget all those words they say to you
And God knows nothing breaks my heart more
Cos I’ve been there and done that
And I’m praying for you
Wishing I could just turn all things around
I’m limited now
But bolder and better times are coming

Only don’t give up
For a better thing can still come out of it
Only keep your eyes on the Father of Love
The father of our Lord Jesus Christ
Let him comfort your heart
Let him ease the pain
Find acceptance in him
And everything will be alright

You’re stronger, and more valuable than you think

I am theimisiOluwa


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