Day Thirty- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To all the girls who said Yes
Yes, I will marry you

How sweet that you agreed
I know it’s never easy
Waiting for the right guy to come
Since the society forbids you to go
Deciding if it’s this guy or that
Praying and fasting
The tirade of proposals you get
From different brothers, boys, and uncles
The unserious, undecided, and unready
The overconfident, and the humble
Yet, in this one you saw light
You saw certainty, and a future
With his weakness and all
In his frailty, and shortcomings
You saw that thing about him
And you said “Yes”

Thank you o

You don’t know what you did o
Do you know what would have happened?
If you had said No, driving in that nail
In front of all those people
Letting him think all along
That you were in the same game with him
Only to give him the shocker of his generation
Let’s not even go there
What we guys face, only God can strengthen us

Anyways, I appreciate your insight
Thank you for seeing beyond the moment

And I hope honeymoon was on point

Your home is blessed
Out of you shall flow generations

Thank you

I am theimisiOluwa


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