To all my friends whose names are written in the book of life
Who have passed from death to life
Who are seated together in the heavenlies
Who, by faith in Jesus, have received righteousness
Who war not after the flesh
But are partakers of the divine life
Who have eaten God and have become one with him

My own very blooders, begotten in the image of the first among many
Who have been called to freedom
Who are saved by Grace through faith
Who are forever forgiven and redeemed
Who follow after Christ
As children learn proper behaviors from their fathers

Of all people on earth, you are the most fortunate
What audacity to carry the maker of all things in you
The very God that many tremble before
The God that many look on from afar
That same God talks to you freely
Calls you by name, per time

You are great
And I’m grateful for you. 

I’m grateful for your faith
I’m grateful that you believed in him

Now with you,
The new earth wouldn’t be boring.

I am theimisiOluwa; I’m grateful for all whose names are written in the book of life.

I only wish your name was among too.
(You can chat me up to get it written there).


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