I wasn’t too sure what to expect
Maybe her looks betrayed me
Or I was hypnotized by my goodwill
But as soon as I signed off the papers
I knew I was in for it
Clearly, I doubted I had made the right choice

Within minutes we were home
And trust me, I was ready for action
The door firmly shut behind us
I moved in the darkness
In seconds, I yanked off what’s left
Of her thin ‘synthetic covering’
My hands laying hold of her frame
The next moment she was in my mouth

Slow down….

She may not be as hot as I was told
And she surely isn’t the ‘ìbé èni’
The ‘ìyá alágbàdo’ professed
But I must admit
She’s softer, and sweeter than I expected
At least, of any ‘àgbàdo ‘sísè’-‘boiled maize of this time.

Indeed, it was worth the N100 I paid for it.

But isn’t that how life is?

We judge people by what they look like only to be disappointed on getting close…or that we never even get that close.

Truth is: #Appearance is Fickle.

(Tayo already said my literary hormones kick in at the sight of food…. But who cares?)

Happy New Month

I am theimisiOluwa.

Watch out for my #40DaysAppreciationChallenge starting on Monday, 5th December, 2016.

Enjoy your Evening.


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