Welcome Home!

The phrase given to a loved one

who has travelled far and wide

and now weary to the bone

the smile which had gone to hide

now released, though not that alone

showing with joy waving fatigue aside

Welcome Home!

To a loved one who was lost

but now found hale and healthy;

emotions rush out in a gust

it doesn’t matter if the family is wealthy

not taking the consideration the cost;

there is sure to be a party

Welcome Home!

The patient that was sick in bed

slipping gradually away from life

and later doctors confirmed dead

to the hysteria of the broken wife;

but the dead cried, “where is she to whom i am wed?”

Doctors run to escape the woman’s joyful dive

Welcome Home!

To the forgotten man who went mad

Walking naked, the length of the streets

Abandoning all things he ever…

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