Many call it a dream, mere fantasy

A closing of eyes to reality

Something to keep the mind from dormancy

Hence, man breaks not the bonds of sanity

Dreams don’t feed on nothing, on wishes

     Start from scratch if that is all you got    

     Though not as easy as doing dishes

     Release it from the mind else it rots

Most dreams get slapped from the beholder’s face

Knocked out by sentiments and expectations

Its essence unmade and unduly erased

Contact loss and a dimming of great visions

     Why not let the kid be, let him choose?

     Let her chase her dreams, face challenges?

     Why hang his ambitions on a noose?

     Parents got to let go the hedges

Take notice; Dreams behave like living beings

Starts at conception, grows well on nursing

Only on acting does it reproduce

And dies hard if all that…

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