There is one…

He is self-sufficient; that, he believes

Even when he needs help, alone, he works

He counts his lonesomeness strength, why he lives

and so he says that everything else sucks

He won’t just talk, he won’t say a word

     He is a loner, he always say

     Nobody cares for him, even his blood

     They snub him, he prefers it that way


     He does not see the pain he causes

     Nor the hurt he puts in people’s hearts

     Maybe then he would break his recluse

     If we help him drive away his bats

There is another…

She is afraid of any relations

Fears for her own heart, fears for it to break

Creates a shell, comes out only by suction

Wish to be known yet settles for heartache

   She won’t open up, she fears the worst

     her shield is…

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