OAU #BringBackOurGirls Solidarity Walk.

The Naughty Boy's Words.


So, yesterday we dropped our books and we took to the roads; male and female, Christians and Muslims introvert and extrovert, holding cardboards with different inscriptions, we marched around the campus-the great Obafemi Awolowo University. Only one thing was on our lips: ‘#BringBackOurGirls.’


However, on getting to the point of our convergence, I must say, I was surprised at the low turnout of people. This is OAU, I thought; the University with a reputation for standing for what it believes in.


As we marched on, to some, we only seemed like a bunch of jobless youths who were only taking advantage of the happenings in the country to display their naughtiness. To them, we were the unserious students. Yet, we continued our march.


I was surprised that many still don’t know some girls are missing. “What on earth are you doing with your life?” was the question in…

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