In life, we’ll always have a part to play in how the story eventually ends. Just like in fairy tales, we have the power to decide when the story begins to turn around. Many people have argued that life doesn’t turn out as sweet and interesting and “happily there after” as it always portray, but I bet to differ and say that most fairy tales have as much troubles and pains as there are in life. The difference only in the power of the story writer to decide how the story will end. Of a truth, life brings much difficulties and challenges; check the story of Cinderella and examine the ordeals she had to go through. Yet, she kept a positive state of mind, concentrated on not letting her immediate environment decide who she was; she lived poor, yet, she kept being a good person to all she met; even to the architects of her doom. And just when she needed help most, the help she gave found its way back to her.
If we’ll concentrate on being a better version of who we are, letting the right values and morals guide our lives, we’ll soon discover how close we are to our solutions and success, just as Cinderella story ended. Now, other than before, I believe in fairy tales; that there is a goddess somewhere who will repay my good with good. As this is not a denial of the problem in life are outrageous and sometimes unthinkable and unbearable, I am convinced I can decide what to do in every situation, and that If I persist in the good I do, not repaying evil for evil, my fairy goddess-my God, the father of light in whom there’s no variable, will cause the table to turn in my favor and hence, will bring me to an expected end, living “happily thereafter” in the castle and with my beautiful princess or charming prince-as the case maybe.
Life can put on me whatever it decides, but from this day I decide this: no matter what happens to me; I’ll decide my reaction, and I’ll do all I can to find joy and happiness in it. I’ll learn from every situation and move on with life. I will concentrate on living my life to help everyone-which is the only through source of joy and happiness in life, while I please my goddess-the only true source of fulfillment in life.
So help me God.


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